Mister Window Answers Your Most Burning Search Queries About Impact Doors

Google processes over 70,000 searches per second and over 225 million per hour. For a bit of perspective, that is over 5 billion searches per day! These numbers may be shocking to actually see typed out, but in retrospect, it’s probably not much of a surprise to most of us. It’s no secret that everyone and their mother goes to Google for practically every question or idea they want to get answers/more information on.

The questions or ideas you type into Google’s search bar are what Google calls “queries”. These can be Navigational Queries (ex: directions to a destination), Informational Queries (ex: answers to a question or information about a topic), or Transactional Queries (ex: cost of something or where to buy a product/service).  But, has anyone ever questioned how accurate is Google when it comes to the answers/information they provide for said queries?

HG Homeclub wanted to take a moment for the experts to respond to the same queries Google gets. The topic? Impact Doors. Taking a handful of high-volume queries from the selected topic and seeking a business that operates in its related industry, Mister Window stepped up to the plate. One of the highest-rated window and door companies in Florida, Mister Window comes highly perceived as expert in the window and door installation industry, specifically impact-rated windows and doors. Here’s what Mister Window had to say when asked 3 top queries about impact doors that are currently trending in Google.

Query: What are impact doors?

Google’s Answer: “An impact door is specifically designed to resist heavy blows and stay intact even when heavy objects are hurled at it. Decorative glass insets on impact rated doors are made of specialty glass that will also take a heavy impact without yielding.”


Mister Window’s Answer: The word “impact” in front of a window or door means it meets the required code for the state of Florida. Meeting that code means you have different unique layers of glass:

The “grilled cheese” — Two pieces of glass are heated together with laminate in the middle. When it hardens, it is impenetrable. Check out how impenetrable it really is when we attempt to smash it:

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  1. The second layer is an air space with argon gas inside. Argon gas is denser than air and can catch and stop harmful UV and heat rays.
  2. The next climate-controlled element is called low-e coating, and it sits on the outside of the second layer of glass to add a reflective nature.
  3. The final element is the outside piece of single-strength glass. This piece of glass meets energy code and is extremely energy efficient.

Impact doors have three types of products: a French door (or swing door), a sliding glass door, and an entry door with more of a design element. All of those products are able to be manufactured as impact products.

Query: Average cost of impact doors

Google’s Answer: “Between $2400 and $3000. Overall, the cost of installing an impact door in a popular style, without custom orders or expensive material choices, should end up costing between $2400 and $3000. Complications, labor shortages, and custom orders can cause these numbers to climb significantly, however.”


Mister Window’s Answer: The average cost of impact doors is nearly impossible to accurately say without measurements and types of doors. Here is what I can tell you: the average sliding glass door (say 72 inches by 80 inches), with two panels is going to be roughly $5,000. That includes labor, permitting, removing, and replacing. That price will go up based on the type of door and its options, but that is a safe estimate.

For French or swing doors, there is a massive variance. It is primarily based on your preferences, whether that’s composite, vinyl, or aluminum. There are more than 18,000 options on one of these doors that factor into the price.

I wish we could give out exact prices online or over the phone, but the reality is that each variation and installation method will impact the price. For example, having to take the largest piece of the panel (roughly 500 pounds) up five flights of stairs will be a different struggle of installation and change the price.

The best step forward is to call a company to come out on-site and assess the specific situation, which doesn’t cost you anything. Picking a manufacturer to meet your needs will have the biggest impact on how much the doors will actually cost.

Query: Impact Doors Black

Google’s Answer: “Exterior black window and door frames have taken home design by storm in recent years. The epitome of chic, they provide instant curb appeal, and their versatility is unmatched. Now, all-black frames are poised to transform the look of home interiors, too.”


Mister Window’s Answer: When it comes to impact doors and windows, black is the latest popular trend. We are seeing a heavy increase of black-framed windows coming into style in areas like Tampa and Sarasota. If you’re inquiring about black windows or doors, you’re likely trendy, stylish, and up to speed with the times.

With the rise of this trend, many manufacturers that did not produce black doors and windows have been quickly putting them into production and offering several style options. For example:

  • Black on the outside and white on the inside for brightness inside the house
  • Black on both the inside and outside for a staple piece inside the home that pops on lighter walls

“For both of these styles, you can purchase black impact doors and windows in both aluminum and vinyl. About 20% of the windows and doors being ordered today have some variance of black on the inside or out.

If you are interested in learning more about black impact doors and windows, we work with a range of manufacturers at Mister Window in order to offer a truly custom fit and bring your vision to reality. We work with your unique buying process rather than selling you a blanketed line of products.”

Q: Impact Doors in Miami

Google’s Answer: “The Florida Building Code (FBC) requires windows to be impact-resistant or

protected if located within one mile of the coast where the wind speed is 110 mph or greater. … With

the improvements in window technologies, it is now possible to buy impact-resistant and/or energy-

efficient windows for your home.”


Mister Window’s Answer: Miami ratings for impact windows and doors are a significantly higher strength product that will withstand a larger forced storm. Impact windows and doors originated from Miami Dade when hurricane Andrew hit the area in 1992.

Before Hurricane Andrew, these large devastating storms hadn’t been covered on national news and people were unaware how impactful they could really be. Following the widespread coverage of Andrew, impact doors and windows have become significantly stronger and must meet two specific area codes: Miami Dade code and high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ).

Every single replacement and installation we do across the state of Florida at Mister Window meets the Miami Dade standard. Although these standards are not required in some areas such as Tampa Bay, it is only a matter of time — likely five to ten years — before these code standards are required across the state.

Codes change often, and before you can ensure your home prior to selling it you will need to have these coded windows and doors installed, especially in a high-impact zone.

It appears Mister Window’s responses and Google’s responses have similarities. But, Mister Window’s responses do appear to provide more depth and even context. Experts have a way of letting you know this isn’t their first rodeo, without having to tout their own horn. Google responses can be a place to start, but you ultimately want to speak with an expert that lives and breathes what you are seeking answers to.

We only thought it was right to throw a few questions at Mister Window to learn a bit more about them:

HG: How long has your company been established?

Mister Window: 41 Years

HG: Do you offer multiple products & brands?

Mister Window: Yes

HG: Are all of your installers in-house?

Mister Window: Yes

HG: Do you offer any guarantees on your work?

Mister Window: Yes! We offer a lifetime warranty on all work done by us

HG: Do you charge for warranty & service work?

Mister Window: No!

Mister Window has made a name for themselves among homeowners in the greater Tampa and Greater Sarasota area. Placing customer service as their core focus in the home improvement industry, where the complete opposite is expected, they seem to have blazed a path no other window company before them took the opportunity to do. Not only are they focused on providing the best services from initial contact to the deal closing signature, but the highest quality hurricane windows and hurricane doors on the market.

To assure they are doing both, Mister Window has introduced something called the ‘Completion Visit’ process. The ‘Completion Visit’s’ entire purpose is to assure the homeowner is beyond satisfied with not only their installation process but the quality of the new window and/or new doors installed into their home. It is a process that is almost used as a customer service survey, but before the job is closed out, which gives Mister Window a chance to right any wrongs that may be present. But, even after installation, customers can move forward with the certainty they will be in good hands, in the rare case, anything did go wrong. Mister Window offers lifetime warranties for all installations done by their company. Homeowners never need to feel alone or even panic financially, if they need their windows or doors repaired after getting them installed.

Mister Window’s services include hurricane impact windows installation and hurricane impact doors installation. Window options range from single and double-hung windows to casement and awning windows. Door options range from french doors to sliding doors and everything in between. It doesn’t matter if it is a front door, side door, back door, garage entry door, or patio door.

Since Mister Window serves all of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, & Sarasota counties, they continue to urge homeowners in these regions to ensure their home is protected for when Florida’s Hurricane Storm Season hits. Hurricane season starts on June 1st. It takes, on average, 12 weeks from initial order to final installation to completely protect your home with impact windows and/or impact doors. So, Greg and Mister Window want homeowners to plan accordingly. Hurricanes will show no mercy for whatever will make a homeowner procrastinate on protecting their home.

With a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars from over 400 reviews, it’s not only evident Mister Window seems to be on the right track, but can also be considered one of the highest-rated window companies in the state of Florida  If you have any questions about impact windows and impact doors, or would like a free home consultation (physical or virtual) to learn more about protecting your home, please visit the misterwindow.com website or call (813) 592-4606.