Awning Windows

Awning windows are a type of window that are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom, creating an awning-like effect. They are typically designed to be wider than they are tall, and are often used in combination with other window styles such as picture windows or casement windows.

One of the primary benefits of awning windows is that they provide excellent ventilation while also offering protection from rain, since the glass panel can be tilted outward to create a small gap for airflow. This makes them a great choice for rooms that need more airflow, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry rooms.

Another advantage of awning windows is their energy efficiency. When closed, the sash presses against the frame to create an airtight seal, which helps to reduce drafts and energy loss. This can help to lower your heating and cooling bills and improve the overall comfort of your home.

In terms of style, awning windows can be a great addition to modern or contemporary homes, as their sleek design complements clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. They also work well in smaller spaces or as part of a larger window configuration, such as a bay or bow window.

Overall, awning windows are a versatile and practical choice for any home, offering both style and functionality. If you’re considering new windows for your home, be sure to explore the benefits of awning windows and see if they might be a good fit for your needs.



By replacing your old, outdated awning windows with newer, more energy-efficient models, you can enjoy a range of benefits, from lower energy bills and increased security to improved functionality and enhanced curb appeal. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of replacing your awning windows.

Replacing your awning windows can have a significant impact on the overall appearance, functionality, and energy efficiency of your home. Here are some reasons to consider replacing your awning windows:

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Energy Efficiency

New energy-efficient models improve your home's insulation and reduce your energy costs.

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Enhanced Security

Newer models feature advanced locking systems and stronger materials to keep your home secure.

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Increased Functionality

Smooth and effortless operation, as well as better control over ventilation and airflow in your home.

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Curb Appeal

With a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from, you can find the perfect windows for you.

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Awning Windows

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Awning Windows

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Awning Windows

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Awning Windows

OceanView® Awning Window Series

Viwinco,Vinyl Windows
Awning windows function similar to casement windows, however, they are hinged at the top and open outwards. Awnings provide a lot of ventilation,[…]

Awning Windows

WinGuard® AW740 Windows

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Awning Windows

WinGuard® AW5540 Windows

PGT,Vinyl Windows
This WinGuardⓇ vinyl awning window opens outward from the bottom, providing outstanding ventilation and light. Features a nesting handle that will not interfere[…]
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"Bought new windows for my condo. Everything about the process way stress free. Matt the salesman was on time and very professional. Explained everything in detail and how the process would work. The windows were ready for install about 3 weeks early. Installation crew (Justin, Julius and Corey) were on time and professional. Was worried that they have to come back another day due to it raining. However, they were able to install the windows installed that day. The new windows cut down on all the noises from outside. Would recommend Mister Window for anyone looking to stall new windows." Google Review


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