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At Mister Windows, we offer a diverse range of impact windows that provide both protection and style for your home. From modern to traditional designs, our impact windows are tailored to fit your unique needs. Get in touch with us today to find the right design for your space.

Single Hung Windows

Great for providing simplicity, warmth and balance to your home

Keep it simple with single hung impact windows. With a fixed upper sash and moving bottom sash, the bottoms of these windows move up and down while the top remains stationary.

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From consultation to project completion, we will walk our clients through every step of the way to ensure the smoothest experience.

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Our window gallery showcases a vast collection of windows that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From traditional to modern styles, our gallery offers a diverse range of windows that cater to the unique needs and preferences of our customers.


General Window Questions

Looking for more answers to your questions? Here are the most asked questions regarding impact windows.

Window replacement consistently ranks among the top 10 remodeling projects for return on cost. Remodeling magazine’s most recent study ranked window replacement as the 5th best return on cost project at 67.5%.

Impact windows have an average cost of $1435, with 70% of prices falling between $800-$2445. These price ranges assume white, vinyl frames with no grids, which is the most common configuration in Florida’s hurricane prone regions. They also include materials and labor. But, the honest truth, it’s practically impossible to predict impact windows cost without considering the factors involved. Some of the factors to consider when determining what your specific project will cost are style, size, frame material and color and difficulty of the installation.

Window replacement in Florida requires a building permit. This applies not only to impact window replacement but also non-impact and hurricane shutter installations.

Replacing a window on your own, without getting a permit, you run the risk of voiding any insurance benefits, causing title issues during sale or refinancing and getting fined by your local building department.

The bottom line: Mister Window has never replaced windows without a permit, and any reputable company would never entertain the idea of doing so. It’s about doing things the right way with a licensed, insured company and making sure you follow all local and state guidelines.

The majority of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee and Sarasota counties are within the wind-borne debris region, where impact windows and doors or hurricane shutters are required to protect your window and door openings.

The wind-borne debris region (WBDR) is set by the Florida Building Code (FBC). Its an area that has historically experienced high-winds and flying debris from hurricanes. Since your windows and doors are often the most vulnerable part of your homes exterior, FBC requires homes in the WBDR to protect their windows and doors from flying debris. Doing so helps to prevent more serious structural building failures and loss of life, which is the intent of the FBC.

See our FAQ discussing “What is better: impact windows or hurricane shutters?” to learn more about your options for opening protection.

It’s no secret that the price point for impact windows tends to be a bit higher than traditional home windows. Mister Window has had the privilege up helping thousands of households upgrade to impact windows. One thing we consistently hear from our customers is: “I can’t believe we waited so long to do this project. I love my new windows.”

For many homeowners, protecting their home is the primary reason they are replacing windows. Some currently have hurricane shutters but are tired of the struggle to put them up at each storm, take them down and store them. Many homeowners are also thinking about the future, and how many years they will physically be able to install their shutters. Those without any opening protection are no longer comfortable taking the risk thanks to the increased frequency of major hurricanes making landfall on the gulf coast of Florida.

With most everyone thinking about protection, it’s the many other benefits that impact windows provide that really surprise homeowners after the installation. Many of our customers are replacing windows that are 15 or more years old. They are hard to open, or don’t stay open. The screens are filled with holes and turning colors. It’s been a while since they have had a window that does its basic job, and as it turns out, that’s an important feature.

Another surprising benefit to many is how much more quiet and energy efficient your home is with impact windows. Rooms that needed heavy window coverings because of direct sunlight are now filled with light and cool inside thanks to the advances in glass technology. Your energy bill is lower than it was this time last year, even after the rate increase. Even more, the sounds of your loud neighbors and lawn care service are now unnoticeable.

Increased energy efficiency helps to keep you’re A/C unit running less, prolonging its life, and reducing your maintenance and replacement costs. Your insurance premiums have also decreased since the successful completion of your five-point wind mitigation survey.

The combination of knowing that your home is protected, plus all of these added benefits, brings return on cost much more quickly than some may think. This is why homeowners that have decided to upgrade to impact windows are so pleased with their decision, and why homes with this upgrade receive a premium value on the market.

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See What Our Customers Say!

We love our windows and patio door!! Great company! I have used Mr Windows over 25 years ago for my patio and was very happy that they are still in business! They were also highly recommended and the only one we called when we decided we wanted to get hurricane windows and patio door. Our sales guy Hunter Krug was very professional and informative. Richard and his crew were all punctual, courteous and bent over backwards with any requests that I had and I’m fussy! Shout out to Zach at the office for putting up with me and my emails. Shane that came out to do what I call “detailing “, I was impressed with his attention to detail and wearing his PPE in the house. Thank you Hunter, Richard and crew, Shane and Zach for our beautiful windows and patio door. Would recommend wholeheartedly! There are many window companies out there that offer “lifetime” warranties, I chose Mr Window because they have been in business since my kids were toddlers and now they’re all adults!

PAM MCFALL | SARASOTA,   Google Review

I am completely happy with the windows and the install from Mr. Window. The PGT impact windows are airtight and secure. There are no more air leaks, or tiny bugs or noisy bird sounds and I feel safe from the next storm. The installers (Julius, Justin, and Cory) were polite and respectful of me and my house. They kept me informed of what to expect, kept everything clean as they worked and took all trash away. The fit and trim is flawless. When a minor issue came up they came out immediately to make an adjustment.Talk about service! I was thoroughly impressed.

DENISE W. | ST PETE BEACH,   Google Review

Mr. Window was recommended to me by neighbors. I received a fair, detailed estimate from Greg, their Sr Vice-President, for two impact windows at the front of my house and Lexan panels for the remainder. Their estimate was lower than other companies I checked out. The installation crews were highly professional, pleasant and cleaned up after they were finished. My job was completed several weeks ahead of schedule. Greg and his team truly care for their customers and take great pride in a job well done. I give them the highest recommendation.



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