Protect your home with impact windows and doors in Sarasota/Bradenton

Impact windows and doors are built with a laminated glass which is resistant to high wind pressure, wind-borne debris and forced entry. Glass in windows and doors are often the most vulnerable parts of a homes exterior envelope. During hurricanes it is common for wind-borne debris to penetrate the building envelope through these areas, causing wind pressure inside the building to increase dramatically. This internal pressurization can cause significant structural damage and can even initiate the complete structural failure of the building. For this reason, wind-borne debris protection has become mandatory in hurricane prone regions. Hurricane Impact windows and doors have proven to be the most effective of these solutions and also provide many added benefits to the homeowner.

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Benefits of impact windows

Enhanced security 

The laminated glass used in impact resistant windows and doors not only protects against high winds and debris but also forced entry. You can feel safe knowing there is an extra layer of protection between intruders and your family.

Protection around the clock

Impact windows or Hurricane windows are always ready to protect your Bradenton/Sarasota home. So if you’re away or caught preparing at the last minute, you’re still protected. This piece of mind is especially helpful for vacation homes and secondary residences.

Ease and style

Shutters can be tedious to put up and take down for each storm and require space for storage. Impact windows and doors eliminate the need to install or store shutters and panels. Your windows look beautiful year round without compromising on protection.

Noise reduction

Outside noise is absorbed by laminated glass rather than transmitted inside. Because of this, impact resistant windows and doors significantly reduce ambient noise in the home.

Hurricane Windows

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Are impact windows and doors required?

Wind-borne debris region

Home windows and doors within the wind-borne debris region must be impact resistant or protected by impact resistant covers. This applies to both new construction and most replacement window and door projects. Impact windows and doors are the most effective way to protect against wind-borne debris but homeowners may also choose to install non impact products with shutter or panel systems.

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