Are Impact Windows Burglar Proof?

Your First Line of Defense

More often than not, a burglar will try to gain access into your home through your windows. That’s why burglar-proof, Impact Windows from Mister Window are so important as your first line of defense in protecting your family, your home and your valuables.

Our impact windows and doors are built with a laminated glass which is resistant to forced entry making a break-in much more difficult for intruders. The culprit would be required to make more noise, use more force and bring more attention to themselves with more movement.

Impact windows are always ready to protect your Bradenton/Sarasota home. You can rest easy knowing your home is protected.

More Ways to Protect Your Home and Family From Burglary and Forced Entry

Here are some simple ways to increase the overall security of each vulnerable point of entry around your house.

  1. Install locks on all windows.
  2. Add locking handles and bolts to windows and doors
  3. Add exterior lights around windows and doors
  4. Choose a higher resistance class which offers more locking points
  5. Choose impact resistant, burglar-proof laminated glass
  6. Keep valuables hidden from plain sight
  7. Plant thorny bushes or shrubs near windows making them harder to access

Mister Window

July 7, 2021

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