Replacing Windows and Doors Together

At some point, you’ll have to replace your windows and doors. If you’re replacing windows, you might think your doors can hang on a little longer. Or if you need new doors, you might think about waiting to deal with your windows.

But is that a good idea? What are the advantages to replacing both at the same time? Let’s look at the reasons why you should consider taking on both projects together.

Energy efficiency. Windows and doors are the entry points into your home for the elements. Replacing windows and doors at the same time allows you to truly modernize your living space with the best energy-saving technology so you can reap the benefits immediately. If you only replace one, you’re still losing energy and money with the other. And you’ll eventually have to finish the job, so why not do them both at the same time and see a significant energy savings?

Security. Unfortunately, the elements aren’t the only things that can use impact windows and impact doors to enter your home. From a security standpoint, replacing one without the other still leaves your living space vulnerable to intruders. But modernizing doors and windows together ensures that all entry points are protected by state-of-the-art materials. Eliminating vulnerable spots at the same time obviously makes your home safer from those who are looking for weak spots in your home security.

Aesthetics. Your windows and doors have a lot to do with your home’s overall look, both inside and outside. When you replace one but leave the other intact, you’re modernizing one aspect of your home’s décor while still stuck in the past with the other. The look can be awkward and unfinished, and you won’t have the overall visuals you want until both get replaced.

Increased home value. New windows will increase your home’s value. So will new doors. But when you replace them together, your home’s curb appeal (and property value) will grow to another level. All the entry points to your home will have a fresh look and the latest energy and security advantages, and will stand out among similar homes. The return on investment on both projects are substantial, and the results will make your home look better, run more efficiently and be worth more.

Avoid perpetual projects. Have you ever driven down a frustrating stretch of road that always seems to be under construction? No matter how much time goes by, it feels like the project is never finished, and the completed work can’t be fully appreciated until it is.

Your home’s major projects can feel the same way if they’re not done together. You won’t truly enjoy the benefits of one improvement if another is still needing to be finished. By tackling both improvements simultaneously, you’ll save time that your projects are waiting to be completed.

And it’s not like you can put off windows or doors forever. At some point, the other replacement will have to be made anyway. The only think you’re saving is another project to be completed. So why not refresh your home’s look all at once, and make it safer and more valuable while you do it?

Mister Window: Your Partner for Both Projects

One downside to tackling door and window projects together is dealing with different companies and teams of workers that operate separately. But you won’t have that problem with Mister Window. We’re experts at helping you select the right windows and doors, and then installing them to your specifications. After serving the community for 45 years, Mister Window is a trusted name in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, and Sarasota counties. And since we’re handling both projects, you’ll benefit from the synergy of our employees working quickly and efficiently toward a common goal: To make your home as beautiful, safe, and energy efficient as possible.

For answers to your questions, or to set up a home consultation, contact us today.

Mister Window

February 23, 2023

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