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Engineered to withstand some of nature’s harshest weather conditions, the OceanView impact-resistant patio door is designed to protect your home in the event of an extreme weather event. It is unique because both the left and right panel can be opened making it more versatile. Our laminated and tempered glass used in Oceanview patio doors are manufactured in-house allowing us to monitor quality and consistency, ensuring your home is protected when you need it.


Features & Benefits

The Viwinco OceanView product line is engineered to protect and built to impress. Our impact products include a 1″ Insulated Glass Unit comprised of a tempered exterior lite, a laminated interior lite and an argon gas fill all closed off by a super energy efficient Duralite spacer system by Quanex. The IGU is then housed in a robust, chambered vinyl frame reinforced with aluminum rods resulting in a sleek, durable and highly efficient window system. When it comes to customization on impact products, there are very few windows and doors on the market that can compare to the OceanView line. Available in a variety of colors, and offering stylistic choices such as trim casing and jamb extensions, the OceanView product line makes it easy to create the look you want. Quality and consistency go hand-in-hand. We made the decision many years ago to bring a tempering oven, laminating line and autoclave in house which allow us to easily monitor product quality and drastically shorten lead times. In 2019 we purchased an automated, high-speed vertical insulated glass line to reduce variability in production, and to assist our employees when handling the heavy impact-resistant glass units. We also transitioned our spacer system to Duralite by Quanex for superior durability and enhanced performance. The Duralite is a warm-edge spacer built with a unique no-metal, composite laminating technology. It consists of multiple layers that contribute to its impressive insulation properties.

1″ Insulated Glass Unit With Double-Strength Laminated Glass and Double Strength Tempered Glass

Vinyl Sill Standard for Enhanced Thermal Performance

Argon Gas Fill

Low-E Glass

High Performance Duralite Spacer

Head and Jamb Track Covers for a Finished Appearance

Threshold Cover to Keep Out Dirt Grass and Leaves

Snap-in J-channel Accessory is Available to Allow for a 3/4″ or a 1-1/4″ J-channel Pocket for Siding With a Brick Mold Look on the Exterior

Pocket door configurations available

Energy Savings

The Oceanview Series Doors offer excellent energy-saving characteristics thanks to their insulated glass, which helps to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills. The doors are made with high-quality materials, such as vinyl, which provide exceptional thermal insulation and prevent drafts from entering the home. Additionally, the doors have weatherstripping that seals any gaps or cracks between the door and the frame, enhancing their energy efficiency. Overall, the Oceanview Series Doors are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to reduce their energy consumption and save money on their utility bills.

Design Options

Frame Colors

White, Tan, Clay, Bronze Exterior/White Interior, Black Exterior/White Interior

Glass Options

Clear, Gray


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