Picture Windows

OW-80 Premium Picture Windows

Origin Aluminum Windows with Thermal Break

Fixed frame are a simple, clean solution for windows that do not require opening or ventilation and are a stylish way to get large amounts of light into a property.

With no opening element, the sightlines can be even slimmer, without conceding on any structural rigidity and security.


Features & Benefits

All Origin products are tailor-made to your requirements by our highly skilled team.

Expert engineering allows you to focus on enjoying the products rather than taking the time to maintain them.

A wide range of color and finish options ensures that there is a style to suit your home.

Thermal break in frames provides modern styling of aluminum with improved energy efficiency

Several hardware options for truly custom solution

Energy Savings

The OW-80 Premium Picture Windows are designed to provide superior energy efficiency and help homeowners reduce their energy costs. These windows feature double-pane insulated glass with a low-emissivity coating that reflects heat, rather than allowing it to get through the glass. Additionally, the frames are made with a thermal break, which is a barrier of insulating material that separates the interior and exterior of the window, preventing the transfer of heat through the frame. The combination of these features makes the OW-80 Premium Picture Windows highly energy-efficient, helping homeowners to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round while also saving money on their energy bills.

Design Options

Frame Colors

Any Color, Stains, Split Finishes Available

Glass Options

Clear, Bronze, Gray, Green, Blue


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