Window Replacement vs. Window Repair

If you realize it’s time for new windows, you may be wondering if your home needs glass repair or a complete window replacement. For many homeowners, it sounds like the same thing. Recently, a potential Mister Window customer asked one of our foremen the following question during a service call – “If my windows are glass, isn’t replacing the glass the same as replacing the window?” Although it may seem that way, the answer is no.

Window replacement is different from glass repair in many ways. That’s why the Mister Window research team is taking some time today to explore the following topic: the difference between window replacement and glass repair – and the importance of knowing the difference.

Window Glass Repair

Glass repair is a common solution for many homeowners in the Fort Myers, Sarasota, and greater Tampa areas, especially when it comes to broken glass. Often, homeowners are victims of accidents beyond their control that result in broken glass. Sometimes neighborhood kids are playing sports in the street when a ball flies through a window, or an acorn falls from a tree in the backyard and breaks a pane of glass – in these types of instances, the homeowner may seek glass repair.

There are numerous companies in Central Florida that are known for their ability to repair glass. This service is less expensive than replacing the entire frame. It also increases the safety of your home when you remove broken window glass. Broken glass can cause the elements to enter unwanted. It can also pose a security problem for your home.

Often, homeowners notice condensation between the panes of their windows. That’s when they think it’s time for window repair. They then schedule an appointment with a window replacement company. The window contractor will provide an estimate. After receiving the estimate, homeowners can seek other options and opinions.

While glass repair is certainly the cheaper option, it’s not the most effective. Often, just repairing the glass on your windows is like putting a Band-Aid on a wound that needs stitches. Next to your body, your home is your most sacred temple. So it’s only logical that you treat the structural problems of your home with the same efficiency as you treat your body.

Window Replacement

Many window issues can be solved through just a repair – but in some cases, it’s wiser to replace the window instead. If your windows are always cold, you may need a replacement with double-pane instead of single-pane. A drafty bedroom window may be uncomfortable and make your HVAC system work harder, which could also be a cause for replacement. Another reason to consider window replacement over repair is when you notice your energy bill has been higher than usual – this could be because of your faulty windows.

The process of glass replacement begins with an initial needs assessment where the representative gains an understanding of what it is the customer is looking to achieve. Next, after determining the right make and model of windows for your home, the installer will do a window inspection and take measurements. The assessment, measurement, and inspection are needed for the company to create an honest and fair quote for the customer to use when determining their budget. 

Mister Window has been providing superior service to the Tampa Bay and Suncoast areas of Florida since 1977. Their installers are knowledgeable and efficient, taking pride in walking customers through the process of upgrading their windows. For unparalleled customer service and installation you can trust, contact Mister Window and speak to a representative that can answer your questions concerning the costs of repairing, replacing, or even upgrading to energy-efficient windows.

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January 26, 2023

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