Why Choose Impact Windows?


Buying a new home is an exciting adventure, full of new possibilities for renovations and remodeling to make it your own.  Options like new floors or kitchen countertops are always at the forefront for remodels, but there is a new contender out there ready to change the way you feel about your home and the safety of its residents.   Impact windows and doors may not appear to be quite as glamorous as freshly laid bamboo flooring, but the difference they make to your home value and to a Florida homeowner’s peace of mind during hurricane season is well worth the price tag.

What are impact windows?


Simply put, impact windows are windows that have been designed to withstand impacts of a certain force.  Whether the impact comes from strong hurricane winds or neighborhood kids throwing baseballs in the yard, knowing your windows will stand up to the challenge of flying debris is a real emotional return on your investment.  These types of windows are made of dual pane glass with a laminate between the panes that are reinforced with a stronger frame. The dual pane system with the laminate between them allows one pane of the glass to break while still maintaining the seal.  That seal is important, especially during storms to maintain the pressure inside the home and ensure no structural damage occurs due to the broken window.

Why should I spend my money on impact windows and doors?


If you are remodeling or renovating your home, whether your original home or a newly purchased home, including impact windows in those plans will increase the value of your home.  As Floridians watch another storm devastate the west coast of Florida, they are reminded that there are certain precautions that can take place to reinforce the integrity of older homes to ensure they last through hurricanes.  The price tag for impact windows may appear daunting at first, but as more people move to Florida and as the housing market continues to boom, new Floridians are looking to ensure their homes will survive the destruction they see on tv and may be forced to face in real life.  Home listings that have impact windows listed as a remedy are hot ticket items.  By upgrading your home’s windows and doors to include impact windows you are truly reaping the full rewards of your return on investment.  Further, homeowner’s insurance policies will also take into consideration the inclusion of impact windows and doors when establishing their premiums.

Who can I trust to get the job done right?


Mister Window has been providing industry-leading service for the west coast of Florida for over 45 years.  They are the Bay Area’s window and door experts.  Their talented installers are ready to provide signature service as they guide you through a hassle-free process of designing and installing your new impact windows and doors.  They provide free consultations, a fully detailed proposal, and seamless installation completed on schedule.  They have multiple options on hand to work with a wide variety of budgets, tailoring your new windows and doors to meet your needs.  Invest in your home and bring up that value! Contact us today to discuss readily available options!



Mister Window

November 10, 2022

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