Top Hurricane Windows Company, Mister Window Hires A New Vice President 

Mister Window, Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors Experts announced they have hired a new Vice President for the company. But, they didn’t go outside of the company to do so. They trusted the role for their previously tenacious VP of Sales, Greg Cummings to fulfil the big and newly created shoes. 

In a few short years after college, a budding Greg Cummings went from the bottom ranks of Corporate America to sitting with the bigwigs. From the 6-figure income to traveling the world on business, Greg seemed to have “made it.” While most would think this was “the life”, Greg saw other journeys that aligned more with his idea of the lifestyle he wanted, while solving issues he says he and many others faced working with Home Improvement companies. 

That is when I decided to tackle a problem that has been in front of my friends, family and myself all along.  Based on frustrations with contractors, in particular Florida, and their ability to honestly quote, complete the project to my expectations and frankly just show up when promised.” -Greg Cummings 

So, we decided to sit down with Greg to get a better idea of who he is, why he is the right man for the job, and why he knows Mister Window is the best Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors Company in Greater Tampa and Greater Sarasota. 

HG Homeclub: You were high in Corporate America. With all the bells and whistles, what made you leave that for the construction industry, of all industries? 

Greg: The drive to leave big corporate was primarily for family.  I was tired of the travel, weeks at a time. Away from my kids and my wife… and dog.  The trouble was in order to make the money I needed to make, I had to have a large territory like the United States or global responsibilities. That is when I decided to tackle a problem that has been in front of my friends, family and myself all along.  Based off of frustrations with contractors, Florida contractors in particular, and their inability to provide honest quoting, complete the project to my expectations and, frankly, just show up when promised. I was in the process of launching a company that dealt with the home improvement space.  I’d done over a year’s worth of research and case studies on the home improvement world. I was baffled how companies could grow time and time again without delivering a memorable experience, alongside a fantastic end product. I am a believer that all actions have a purpose and that purpose isn’t always known in the motion. The home improvement company I was starting dealt with advising homeowners in and through projects. Essentially, we would be the pros negotiating and inspecting the hiring company.  This led me to conversations with 100’s of home improvement companies. I had many great conservations, and met a lot of great people. But, fast forward a year’s worth of work, I couldn’t find more than one or two window and door companies I would hire based off of my preset parameters. That is when I found this little Hurricane Windows & Doors company in Palmetto, FL who was owned and run by a family for 40+ years. The company did outstanding business and had a near flawless reputation in the community.   

Obviously there is more to it, but “Sales” to me can be defined as, “the ability to deliver an end product to the client in a way that they are so impressed they refer to you the next client, all while being a forever ambassador of the Brand.” The second part of this holds true then you have a scalable business and the possibilities are endless.  And to me, this did not exist in the window installation and door installation industry. These pain points were easily identified and supported in both internal and external case studies. 

Considering the market, this was shocking. Digging in deeper-  I found many variables that played a part. 

HG Home Club: How Has Your Transition Been Up Until This Point? 

Greg: The transition has been fantastic.  I began my transition about 6 months prior to joining Mister Window in full time duties. There was a lot of work to be done. Learning the 100’s of partners that were available to me and the 1000’s of products that were all possible solutions to our clients.  And on top of that the codes, rules, laws and regulations to learn and stay up to date with was and is always a fun task.    

HG Home Club: Obviously, like everyone else around the world, you’ve had to work with Covid has been something. Unfortunately, for a good portion of small businesses, Covid’s impact has been more on the negative side. How has Mister Window been affected by the current times? 

Greg: COVID is an interesting issue. First off, let me give my condolences to all the folks that lost their friends and family members to covid 19. This has been a year like none other in recent history. Every 10 years or so there seems to be a “way of life” threat as I call it. These events create a new “Normal.” 

2020: Covid 

2010: Current – Opioid pandemic 

2008/9: Housing Crash 

2002: 9/11 Attack 

2000: Dot Com Crash 

AIDS Epidemic, Cuban Missile Crisis, Crack Epidemic, Vietnam War, Pearl Harbor, WWII, Great Depression, WWI, Industrial Revelation, Bubonic Plague,. 

I have learned to quickly adjust and be cautious in navigating through times like these. And the underlying driving force is consistently great customer service and never overleveraging your costs. 

 HG Home Club: What Products Do You Offer Homeowners? 

Greg: We only offer products that I would install in my home. The primary reason is a selfish one – we stand behind our Impact Window & Doors and their installation for as long as our clients own the home [and in some cases longer as we will allow our guarantees to transfer to the new owner]. Therefore, if we installed builder-grade products, the likelihood of us having to service them increases dramatically. We install approx. 30 jobs a month, the service backlog would build up quickly.  To give you an idea, we currently do not have one open service ticket. We are very pleased with our partners and we would not be able to do the amazing things we have done over the last 3 years without them. A huge Thank you to them!! 

HG Home ClubWhat Are The Benefits Of Your Product Offers? 

Greg: This was one of the largest reasons for deciding to go into the windows and doors business. There are NO downsides to the product. There isn’t another product or service in the world that can say the same.  I’ve looked. If you have a huge truck, you get bad gas mileage. If you have a fancy sports car, you can’t go off-road (and even some parking lots). But with windows and doors, there isn’t one downside. Aesthetics- House looks brand new. Hurricane Protection- can stop wind-blown debris from entering the home. Break and entry protection- men with sledgehammers cannot get in easy, giving you time to know they are coming and make a call or arm yourself. Home Comfort- each room will be the same temp! The list goes on! Really, if you haven’t seen all the benefits you can see them at my website: 

HG Home Club: What Makes You Guys Different From Other Window Companies in The Tampa Bay Area? 

Greg: Our approach is completely different, we address our clients like they have done business in other areas of their life. We don’t show up with arms full of products and put on a horse and pony show with heat lamps and such.  Our clients know the benefits and they, for the most part, have done a fair amount of research on the windows and doors. We offer about 25 different manufactures.  We do not try to sell you on why “our” product is the best for your home, like the other companies. We position it as we are helping our clients buy the right window for their home with their wants and needs at the forefront of the decision. I don’t want to go into our process publicly, but we have unmatched processes and guarantees that further separate us from the competition. Mister Window has made a name for themselves among homeowners in the greater Tampa and Greater Sarasota area. Placing customer service as their core focus in the home improvement industry, where the complete opposite is expected, they seem to have blazed a path no other window company before them took the opportunity to do. Not only are they focused on providing the best services from initial contact to the deal closing signature, but the highest quality hurricane windows and hurricane doors on the market. 

To assure they are doing both, Mister Window has introduced something called the ‘completion visit’ process. The ‘completion visit’s’ entire purpose is to assure the homeowner is beyond satisfied with not only their installation process but the quality of the new window and/or new doors installed into their home. It is a process that is almost used as a customer service survey, but before the job is closed out, which gives Mister Window a chance to right any wrongs that may be present. But, even after installation, customers can move forward with the certainty they will be in good hands, in the rare case anything did go wrong. Mister Window offers life-time warranties for all installations done by their company. Homeowners never need to feel alone or even panic financially, if they need their windows or doors repaired after getting them installed. 

Mister Window’s services include hurricane impact windows installation and hurricane impact doors installation. Window options range from single and double hung windows to casement and awning windows. Door options range from french doors to sliding doors and everything in between. It doesn’t matter if it is a front door, side door, back door, garage entry door, or patio door. 

Since Mister Window serves all of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee, & Sarasota counties, they continue to urge homeowners in these regions to ensure their home is protected for when Florida’s Hurricane Storm Season hits. Hurricane season starts on June 1st. It takes, on average, 12 weeks from initial order to final installation to completely protect your home with impact windows and/or impact doors. So, Greg and Mister Mister Window want homeowners to plan accordingly. Hurricanes will show no mercy for whatever will make a homeowner procrastinate on protecting their home. 

With a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars from over 400 reviews, it’s not only evident Mister Window seems to be on the right track, but can also be considered one of the highest rated window companies in the state of Florida  If you have any questions about impact windows and impact doors, or would like a free home consultation (physical or virtual) to learn more about protecting your home, please visit the website or call (941) 254-2198.