How to Clean a Window with a Clear, Streak-Free Result

When it’s window washing day, a clean, clear streak-free window is always the goal.  It can be very frustrating to spend an afternoon washing all of the windows in your home only to notice when you are finished that there are distracting streaks everywhere.  After all, you didn’t install that seamless bay window to enjoy a view of streaks and scratches.  Let’s explore how to get a streak-free shine the first time around:

Cleaning Windows

Not all windows are the same.  With options ranging from single and double hung, to skylights to sliding windows and picture windows, the world of windows is vast- but, they all generally need to be cleaned in the same manner. The first step is to use a soft, clean microfiber towel, soft paper towels work well too, to remove any dust on the exterior or interior of the window. Next, liberally apply the cleanser of your choice to the surface of your lint-free towel. Then wipe with some elbow grease to ensure you are able to remove the toughest of spots. Immediately after cleaning an area of the window, use a second cloth to dry the area completely. If you’ve taken care to use the right cleaner and cloth but still notice streaks, a simple rinse with clear, clean water and a quick dry should eliminate them. One very important thing to note is that double panel windows that show dirt or moisture between the panels may indicate a break in the window seal. These issues should be attended to by a professional window installer to diagnose the situation with your double panel window.

Window Cleaning Solutions

Window cleaners are not created equally.  For a streak-free shine every time, it is best to avoid alcohol or ammonia-based cleaning products. They are known for streaking and leaving behind a film on your windows. Otherwise, look at the ingredients and go with a brand you trust. Another option is to create your own window cleaning solution using white, or distilled, vinegar and water.  Using a spray bottle, combine 1-part white vinegar with 10 parts of warm water. The vinegar helps provide a super shine and breaks down the film that causes streaks. Whenever cleaning windows, it is never a good idea to utilize a razor blade or other sharp device to try removing stubborn spots. This will lead to scratches, which are much worse than streaks, and may lead to needing a replacement window to be installed.

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October 18, 2022

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