Home Transformation with Mister Window: A Testimonial from Stacey and Forest Rothchild 

Home improvement projects can often be daunting and overwhelming. But our recent journey with Mister Window for window and door replacement turned out to be nothing short of smooth and exciting. We are Stacey and Forest Rothchild, and we’d like to share our wonderful experience with Mister Window and the positive impact it has had on our home. 

Our house was filled with ancient 1988 single-pane windows with large black grids. Which not only looked outdated but were also extremely leaky. It was high time for a much-needed upgrade. After seeking multiple quotes from various companies, we were delighted to learn about Mister Window, especially since Stacey’s boss recommended them based on his pleasant experience with them. 

The process was made simple and effortless by Ryan, the knowledgeable and responsive salesperson from Mister Window. He thoroughly explained the entire process, patiently addressing all our questions and accommodating the changes we wanted for the proposal. It was the personalized experience and exceptional customer service that set Mister Window apart from the rest. Despite not being the least expensive option. 

Ryan also suggested that we register for the My Safe Florida program. Which proved to be a huge bonus, saving us up to $10,000. This program allowed us to choose hurricane-grade products that offer maximum protection for our home. Giving us much-needed peace of mind. 

Expertise and Care: Installation Done Right

Once the installation began, the crew, led by Elvis, proved their expertise and adaptability. Our sliding glass door replacement presented a unique challenge due to a beam obstructing its ideal location. However, the team skillfully made the necessary adjustments, even cutting back the tile to ensure a seamless fit. 

Throughout the installation, they were mindful of our cats, making sure they didn’t escape during the process. 

We were pleasantly surprised by how the crew contained the dust and debris. Leaving our home clean and tidy after the work was completed. As a finishing touch, they added special crowned molding around the sliding glass doors. Complementing the space perfectly and leaving a lasting impression on the inspector, who commended the exceptional quality of the installation and the ease of use of the hurricane-rated sliding door. 

A Completely Transformed Home: Admiring the Results

The impact of the replacement was evident almost immediately. Our old sliding glass door would get jammed frequently. And during heavy rain, water would seep into our home. But now, with the new doors, those problems are history, and we can confidently face any storm with ease. 

The new window in our office was equally transformative. By getting rid of the black grids. We welcomed more natural light into the room, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful scenery of our yard. Moreover, the replacement also resolved a leakage issue in the office, keeping the room pleasantly cool during hot weather. 

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our investment in Mister Window. The level of professionalism, care, and attention to detail displayed by Ryan, Elvis, and the entire crew is unparalleled. Our home has been completely transformed. And we can’t help but admire the stunning appearance brought about by the window and door replacements. 

Total Recommendation: Top-Quality Products and Service

We wholeheartedly recommend Mister Window to anyone looking for top-quality products, impeccable service, and outstanding results. They have not only improved our home but also enriched our lives with comfort and peace of mind. Thank you, Mister Window, for making our home a better place to live! 

Mister Window

August 2, 2023

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