French Doors

Premium Coastal Door Series

Weather Shield Wood with Aluminum Clad Doors

Enjoy unobstructed views and excellent natural lighting by extending your interior rooms into the outdoors with our Premium Coastal Series Hinged Patio Door. These high-performance, energy-efficient doors offer the desired aesthetics for premier homes.


Features & Benefits

Doors available with two distinctive rail heights: the thicker, classic French rail for a traditional look or the contemporary narrow rail for a more modern aesthetic.

The clad exterior never needs to be painted and won’t rot or decay.

Durable and low maintenance, extruded aluminum exteriors stand up to the harshest elements, resisting dents, dings and scratches with rot-resistant composition.

Choices including energy-efficient Zo-e-shield® glazing and ENERGY STAR® rated windows.

Energy Savings

The Weather Shield Premium door series is designed to provide excellent energy savings characteristics, reducing energy consumption and costs. The Premium Coastal Hinged Patio Door, for instance, allows unobstructed views and ample natural lighting while keeping the interior comfortable throughout the year. The door series features multi-point locking systems and insulated glass to reduce heat transfer and increase energy efficiency. The doors also undergo rigorous testing to meet energy performance standards and requirements, ensuring they provide superior insulation and prevent energy loss. These energy-efficient features not only help save energy but also contribute to a more comfortable and sustainable living environment.

Design Options

Frame Colors

Any Color or Stain, Split Finishes Available

Glass Options

Clear, Bronze, Gray


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