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Plastpro’s high-velocity storm doors are meticulously crafted, rigorously tested, and officially certified to comply with the strictest national standards for wind and impact resistance, providing optimal safety during extreme weather events such as hurricanes or monsoons. Our cutting-edge R&D Department has developed an innovative, patent-pending process to incorporate a “missile-proof” shield for reinforcing our storm and hurricane doors.


Features & Benefits

Plastpro's proprietary HydroShield Technology forms a fully composite shield around theeir doors, guarding them from moisture and humidity penetration from every angle. This protection staves off warping, delamination, corrosion, and rot, and inhibits mold and mildew growth. Plastpro employs a precision-measured formula to guarantee each door skin adheres to our stringent quality standards. They provide a multitude of design options, including tailor-made panel configurations. These door skins are low-maintenance and resist splintering, denting, warping, rotting, or rusting. You can select a door skin from a range of grains, all suitable for either painting or staining.

Our full-length, composite stiles protect the door from external moisture to prevent warping or rotting. They have twice the screw-holding strength of wood.

High-strength, composite top and bottom rails prevent moisture from seeping into the door and prevent the buildup of mold.

Plastpro’s full-length LVL allows any type of lock to be placed for increased security. Our 8/0 doors have a steel bar in addition to the LVL to help increase the structure’s rigidity.

Advanced, CFC-free, high-density, polyurethane foam core enhances the door’s soundproofing capabilities and provides insulation up to six times greater than wood doors.

Energy Savings

Plastpro fiberglass doors represent an excellent eco-friendly choice due to their durability, longevity, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Their unique foam core, not only offers exceptional insulation, but also complies with the Environmental Protection Agency's SNAP 20 regulations for cleaner air, contains no Volatile Organic Compounds, and opts for more sustainable foam blowing agents whenever feasible, including zero-ozone-depleting and low GWP agents.

Not to mention, their fiberglass is engineered to endure for decades, this material resists time, temperature, and corrosion, leading to reduced waste. The extended lifecycle of fiberglass makes Plastpro doors more cost-effective and less resource-intensive. With lower maintenance needs than traditional wooden doors, Plastpro doors can reduce a building's operational budget significantly, as maintenance costs over a building's lifetime can often surpass its original construction costs.

Design Options

Frame Colors

Any Color or Stain, Split Finishes Available

Glass Options

No Glass, Clear, Privacy, Decorative, Internal blinds


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