Bi-Fold Doors

BF1199A Door Series

WinDoor Aluminum Doors

A fresh take on a classic, our WinDoor Bi-Fold door is a bottom-mounted system ideal for residential or commercial storefront applications. Heavy-duty aluminum frames provide protection, energy efficiency, and durability for years to come. Available in high-performance impact panels to meet a variety of needs.


Features & Benefits

Windoor engineers designed each door to deliver the ultimate blend of beauty and sophistication. Crafted for both residential and commercial applications, the Bi-Fold door provides an exceptional, expansive view.

Large maximum panel sizes up to 48” x 105” or 35” x 144”

Flexible design with bottom-mounted roller system

Great source of natural light

Versatile configuration options

Energy Savings

The BF1199A Series Impact Resistant Bifold Doors offer excellent energy efficiency, helping to reduce your energy costs and environmental impact. These doors feature a multiple chamber aluminum frame design that helps to prevent heat transfer and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, regardless of the outdoor conditions. Low-emissivity coating also helps to block UV rays, which can fade furniture and carpets and contribute to heat gain. With their energy-saving features, the BF1199A Series Impact Resistant Bifold Doors are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to reduce their energy consumption and lower their utility bills.

Design Options

Frame Colors

White, Bronze, Black, Clear Anodized, Grey, Silver, Stains, Bronze Exterior/White Interior

Glass Options

Clear, Bronze, Gray, Green, Azure Blue, Solar Cool Bronze, Solar Cool Gray, Graylite II


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