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9050 Door Series

WinDoor Aluminum with Thermal Break Doors

The 9050 terrace door offers an appealing interior frame and panel aesthetics with a secure view of the beautiful outdoors. Our tested and certified single- and double-swing terrace door can accommodate large panel sizes and includes a multipoint locking system for increased security and insulation. The design and precise engineering can be paired with any of WinDoor’s thermally broken family of products. Available with high-impact and non-impact resistance certifications.


Features & Benefits

As seasons change, many homeowners find themselves constantly adjusting interior controls just to stay comfortable. Thermally Broken Aluminum technology insulates interiors from swinging temperatures, reducing the need to adjust your thermostat. The end result is lower energy costs with more stable temperature ranges, and that’s a beautiful place to be.

Easy inward or outward opening

Added strength and security

Modular design with sidelite option

Modern aesthetic

Single max size: 46" x 128"

Double max size: 76 - 1/2" x 120" or 84 - 1/2" x 128"

Energy Savings

The 9050 Series Impact Resistant Doors offer excellent energy savings characteristics for your home. With their insulated glass and heavy-duty construction, these doors help to prevent heat loss or gain, keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature year-round. Additionally, the impact-resistant glass used in these doors offers added protection against harsh weather conditions and potential break-ins. With their energy-efficient design and strong impact resistance, the 9050 Series Doors are a smart and secure choice for any homeowner looking to improve the energy efficiency and safety of their home.

Design Options

Frame Colors

White, Bronze, Black, Clear Anodized, Grey, Silver, Stains, Bronze Exterior/White Interior

Glass Options

Clear, Bronze, Gray, Green, Azure Blue, Solar Cool Bronze, Solar Cool Gray, Graylite II


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