Does Proper Window Replacement Matter?

Window replacement can be for a variety of functional and aesthetic purposes. From being an inclusive part of the home renovation process to personalizing the purchase of an old home to upgrading before the next storm season, window replacement is a personal decision arrived at via extensive consideration of options and substantial investigation into locating the right window installer.

Why Installation Matters

Windows are an important feature for any home. They bring the outdoors inside with sunlight and fresh air, and they provide an opportunity to give your neighbors a glimpse inside your home and an idea of your style. Windows are also functionally important to the home. They need to be properly measured and sealed in order to function properly. This requires proposer installation. Homeowners in Florida face a variety of challenges including hurricanes and heat. No amount of money spent will matter if the windows that are installed are installed improperly.

Installation matters because window openings need to be fully covered and sealed in a fashion that will keep any outside elements from reaching the inside of the home. Improperly installed widows negate any improvements for which homeowners paid. For example, hurricane impact windows are critical to homes remaining intact during a strong storm. The installation of hurricane impact windows requires accuracy and precision. Any miscalculations in measurement or failed seals may have serious repercussions to the structure and its residents during a hurricane. The seals created when hurricane windows are installed ensure the pressure inside the home remains constant as the pressure drops outside. Should a seal fail, or a leak occur, the pressure in the home will change, high winds will be able to enter the home, resulting in structural damage, roof damage, and/or a life threatening situation. Just from one poorly installed window. It is best practice to hire a professional installer who has extensive experience and is willing to work with the homeowner on their vision and overall design of the windows.

Accessing the Windows

It is critical to the installation process for the company representatives to have access to the current, in place windows prior to finalizing the design. This hands-on assessment of the status will save time and money during the installation process.

Accessing the Old Windows

The old windows will need to be inspected and measured prior to finalizing designs and ordering new windows and frames. Inspecting the old windows will ensure that any calculations in measurement take into account any structural issues with the window opening that will need to be addressed before new windows may be properly installed. If these structural issues are ignored, your new windows may fail and the insulation or impact benefits of the glass may not be realized.v

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February 10, 2023

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