Do Impact Windows Increase Home Value Part 2?

Impact windows are one of those household items you never really think about until you need them, especially in Florida. But as the hot real estate market has proven, amenities like upgraded windows and doors are a real asset to every home.  For six months out of the year, Floridians see tiny yellow, orange and red “x”s in their sleep as they spend their days rapidly refreshing the National Hurricane Center website. They have their water supply ready, a drawer full of various batteries, camping gear on hand, and a “go bag” just in case one of those red xs turns into a Category 1-5 hurricane. Sure, natives and storm veterans joke about how they won’t evacuate unless it’s a Category 5, but they all board up their homes or invest in storm shutters to protect their valuables. 

Plywood and storm shutters are always an option, but they’re unsightly and since they completely block out everything, including sunlight, they make you feel like you’re hiding in a hole as the storm upends the world outside your shutters. Replacing your old Florida windows with hurricane impact windows not only saves your valuables (as well as what may be your final shred of sanity as you watched this beast of a storm grow from a small yellow x off the coast of Africa to a Category 3 storm staring down the mouth of Tampa Bay), they even increase your home value.

With the real estate market on fire, pandemics giving rise to increased home protection, and climate change altering the course of storms, native Floridians and new Floridians alike want to ensure their homes will withstand any onslaught of storm or crime that may come. That’s why real estate agents in Florida and other hurricane-prone regions are keen to place upgraded doors and windows high on the list of amenities in a real estate listing. Not only are upgraded windows and doors important for storm safety, but they are also a key element in reducing crime. For out-of-state home purchasers new to the neighborhood, seeing high-impact doors and windows gives them a little peace of mind knowing their home is protected in the unlikely event they have misjudged their new neighborhood.

While overlooked for many years for pools and screened-in patios, real estate appraisers and real estate agents have undoubtedly learned the actual value of impact doors and windows and the benefits they confer on new homeowners- be it due to home protection during the pandemic or from facing down threatening storms like Irma and Ian. 

If your windows and doors could use an upgrade or if renovations are on your to-do list, it makes sense to consider upgrading and renovating to impact doors and windows. While the cost may seem high, the value they ultimately provide could literally save your life. For more insights check out Part 1 of this article here.

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December 27, 2022

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