Window Styles and Trends

With workers balancing time between remote work days and office time, window styles for 2022 continue to trend towards letting the outside in. Large, wide windows that allow for more bright, natural light allowing people to connect with the beauty of the world outside and providing more access to sunlight for indoor plants are all the rage.

Windows for Bright, Natural Light

As the specter of the pandemic wanes, homeowners are craving that outdoor feeling, but with the added bonus of air conditioning, especially in Florida. In order for lush tropical plants to thrive indoors, most plants need access to bright sunlight in order to maintain their greenery. The best way to accomplish this is through well-placed, east-facing windows.

Windows to Add Space to Your Home

Who doesn’t want their home to feel more spacious? Utilizing a variety of windows in your home is one way to achieve this. Bay windows extend beyond the exterior of the home at an angle, increasing the amount of space inside the home. Casement windows are a great option for smaller homes. Instead of sliding up and down or swinging inside, casement windows swing outward and do not require hardware in the middle of the window, which allows for a clear, uninterrupted view of the outdoors through the window.

Single and Double Hung Windows

Single hung and double hung windows are the most popular windows. They are the least expensive to install, with the single hung window being most cost savvy. Single hung windows have only one sash that opens- the bottom.  Double hung windows have two sashes that open, top and bottom.  If budget restrictions are a concern, after deciding between which type of window to use, the material of the frames should factor into the price as well, with the most popular options being wood and vinyl, with vinyl being the most budget-friendly.

Energy Efficient Windows

One way to make your windows really work for you is to install energy-efficient windows.  Energy-efficient windows typically come with a UV blocker, reducing the number of harmful rays that will make it into your home. They do however still allow visible light to pass through into the room. As both of these forms of light increase heat, blocking out half of the heat-increasing rays while leaving bright visible light is the best of both worlds.  Energy-efficient windows in Florida homes help reduce the heat that gets trapped inside a house, allowing your air conditioner to work more efficiently.  You’ll see the results in your electric bill!

Window Design Details to Consider

Windows come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of different materials.   It is important to consider what is most important to you in your design scheme.  From aesthetics and functionality to energy efficiency and desired natural light, the installers at Mister Window are ready to create a design that will meet your needs and budget.

Mister Window is ready to make your window replacements stress-free.  Whether you’re a Floridian looking to upgrade your current windows to hurricane impact windows, or a new homeowner seeking ways to personalize your home, Mister Window has the answers for you.  Contact us today for a free estimate!

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October 6, 2022

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