Should I Repair or Replace My Window?

There are times when it is clear that you need to replace your windows. There could be numerous reasons to replace the window- maybe time simply has not been its friend. But sometimes there are situations when a repair will do. It may be difficult to determine if you need to repair the window or replace it. So how do you know when to repair or replace your windows? There are many components in the window to consider before making your decision.

What If There’s Broken Glass?

If your window is broken, it might seem like the only solution is to replace it. However, a window repair is all you need in some situations! If the window frame is still in good condition, it may be more beneficial to repair the broken glass than replace the entire window. Be sure to have your windows assessed before jumping to the conclusion that it needs to be replaced. A window repair can be a cost-efficient solution.

What If the Window Doesn’t Open Smoothly?

There are multiple reasons why an older window may not open smoothly. Occasionally, dirt can build up in the tracks, preventing the window from operating properly. Perhaps some hardware is broken and needs to be replaced. If the solution can be as simple as cleaning or fixing some aspect of the window, a repair can suffice.

What If the Window Causes a Draft?

Certain windows can cause drafts that make everyone in the room uncomfortable. This draft could be caused by an aspect of the window that needs to be fixed. Perhaps some hardware has aged. Depending on the problem, you may find that applying caulk and weatherstripping can solve the problem. There is no reason to settle with an uncomfortable draft. A window repair can leave your home feeling more comfortable.

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