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Know your home is safe with hurricane impact windows in St. Pete

As beautiful as the scenery and culture is in St. Petersburg, some parts of mother nature are a constant threat. And, things can get ugly pretty fast! Hurricane protection for your home is pivotal when staying in gorgeous St. Pete. Impact windows and impact doors consists of laminated glass, who’s primary purpose is to resist high wind-borne debris, high winds, and forced entry (ironically). This is why they’re pivotal for homeowners to consider. These same windows are doors and typically the most vulnerable part of the home, in your overall home safety system. When hurricanes hit, wind-borne debris likes to penetrate through these areas, most commonly, causing wind pressure increase that most times than not, destroys your home. This is the very reason why protection from wind-borne debris is now mandatory in hurricane prone regions. Plus, there are some added benefits for the homeowner, as well.


The Subtle Benefits Impact Windows Provide St. Pete Homeowners

Outside of the now obvious storm protection impact windows offer homeowners, there are a few other benefits that may be a bit easier to overlook.

Ease and Asthethics

Shutters are the typical home option homeowners choose when a hurricane and about to it. But, boy can they be a pain to take down. Let’s not even get on the space to store them during the off season. With impact windows and doors, those days shall be no more! Year around, your windows will look gorgeous without compromising the home protection you need.

Reduce The Noise

Remember the laminated glass we mentioned iimpact windows and doors are made with? It actually absorbs outside noise (how cool is that?)! Outside noise is absorbed by laminated glass rather than transmitted inside. Because of this, impact resistant windows and doors significantly reduce ambient noise in the home.

Security Enhancement

You want to know another cool thing about the laminated glass in impact resistant windows and doors (piling it on at this point)?Outside of it’s protection from wind debris and high wind pressure, it also protects against forced entry. So, in essence, it’s like having a 24/7 security guard, creating an extra layer of protection between intruders and your loved ones. An instant feeling of safety that can’t be replaced.

Around The Clock Protection

Your storm windows are constantly prepared to protect your St. Petersburg home. If you happen to find yourself prepping at the last minute, you’re still protected. Especially when considering vacation homes and secondary residences, this level of piece of mind can’t be substituted.


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