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Take a look at some of our most popular questions customers ask when considering upgrading to hurricane resistant windows.

The terms are used interchangeably in the industry. People may call impact windows “hurricane-rated impact windows” or “storm windows” but they generally mean the same thing.

Impact windows are built with a laminated glass which is resistant to high wind pressure, wind-borne debris, and forced entry.

Glass in windows and doors are often the most vulnerable part of a home’s exterior envelope. So, when hurricanes hit, which should be expected when living in Florida, having impact rated doors and windows or hurricane shutters is a must to protect your home.

While hurricane shutters are effective, they only work if installed before the storm arrives. Impact windows and doors provide the same opening protection without the additional effort of hauling, installing, removing and storing shutters. They are always ready to protect your home – no additional effort needed.

Impact windows are the most effective way to protect your home against hurricane force winds and wind-borne debris and offer several added benefits to homeowners. All impact windows installed in the State of Florida are thoroughly tested to withstand the impact of flying debris during a storm and then continue to protect the home from water intrusion and pressurization after the impact.

During hurricanes, it is common for wind-borne debris to penetrate the building envelope through the broken glass of window & door openings, causing wind pressure inside the building to increase dramatically. This internal pressurization can cause significant structural damage and can even initiate the complete structural failure of the building. For this reason, wind-borne debris protection has become mandatory in hurricane prone regions.

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Top notch service from Mr. Window - excellent prices and customer service. The installation crew lead by Elvis professionally completed both projects with attention to detail and customer satisfaction - very pleased with the overall projects from start to finish!


This is a great company! I was impressed from the first phone call asking to get a quote, all the way to making the final payment. Everyone was personable, on-time, did careful high quality work that was completed with efficiency, they cleaned up any construction mess, and literally perfected everything.


Had 3 estimates - Mr. Window presentation was the most comprehensive. Installation day - crew showed up exactly on time. Andrew was courteous, professional and made it clear they cared about getting everything right. We have already recommended Mr. Window to our neighbors.



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